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The Project

Seventy30 is a innovative new fitness and nutritional business soon to be launched to a predominately female target audience in the UK. During initial discussions regarding the creation of branding for Seventy 30 we identified the direction in which the leaders were intending to head with the business. Various other pieces of information were gathered, such as target market, competitor analysis and general business ideas.

Technical Tools

During the project we made use of Adobe Illustrator. This is an industry standard software for graphic design, and is particularly useful in creating scaleable vector graphics (which means in future, the logo has the scope to be increased to an infinite size if needed)


Once we had thoroughly discussed the brands aspirations, analysed competitors and collated other relevant information we set to work designing various concepts. We explored numerous concepts and ideas throughout the design process, each creating varying characters traits and feelings. Our favourite ones are spoke about below

For this concept, we made use of a modern italic sans serif font. We made use of the full logo being made up of all caps which helps present the brand as a more professional ad serious manner compared with the logo being in lowercase. We also selected an italic font for the main business name which helps draw more attention to the brand name. It also helps reflect an element of speed and movements – which is particularly relevant within sport activities (therefore being an appropriate style in reflecting the logo)

The aqua green colour was selected as a gender neutral logo, as we had identified previously that Seventy30 targeted a non gender specific audience (although it was thought more likely to be adopted by females)

Another design feature was that the number 30 in this logo is actually built up of small 70’s – however at small sizes this is not legible so would likely be a missed point of focus.

The feedback on this particular concept was:

<get feedback from Luke>

A second favourite concept of ours was Logo V14. An important factor discussed initially with the Luke (position at Seventy 30) was including an icon suitable for print on clothing. Instantly recognised icons are incredibly powerful in the success of a brand – with the very best brands being instantly recognised even without their name.

For this concept, we developed intertwined two earlier concepts, resulting in the partially eaten kettle bell weight (developed from Concept V9) alongside the split concept earlier explored in concept V11. The partially eaten kettle bell was an effective combination of two recognisable design elements to reflect what Seventy 30 does as a business. We again selected gender neutral colours which would not restrict our target audience to stereotypical male and female colour traits.

As the Seventy 30 team were after a simplistic logo which presented the business as a slick organisation – they detailed to us that this concept was too complex seeming for what they were after. 


Our next favourite concept was concept 18. The selection of colour purple, a colour often associated with royalty as documented by various online studies helps present Seventy 30 as a luxurious, up market brand. The use of the lighter shade of purple helping to subtly introduce the icon into the logo. This icon being in white really detracted from the text of the logo (which as a fairly new brand, should be a primary focus point)

The icon is actually a pie chart with 30% of the circle missing, then underneath being stretched into a point to reflect the idea of reaching a point (in an abstract way – reflecting the trainee’s goal)

Out of all the concepts at this stage, this had been Luke’s favourite and was developed further into concepts presented later.


This version was further adapted from concept 18, where we developed the pie chart point icon and sans serif italic fonts into a different layout. A bright electric blue colour was used as the background image to help become bright an eye-catching in comparison with dark (often black and white) competitor alternatives. Although mentioned earlier, we tried (where possible) to use non stereotypically gender specific colour schemes – this version doesn’t necessarily scream out a male targeted audience.


Throughout the process we offered an affordable, professional and quality service to Seventy 30, for which was praised highly by Luke Wilson with his feedback available to see below (and on Trustpilot)


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